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  • Security inspector course

  • Airport security course

  • Air marshal course

  • Aerial Intelligence course

  • Fighter Pilot course

  • Intelligence drone course

  • Paratroopers Commando course

  • Managing the air force


Operating across the globe, in multiple markets to support our customers - wherever, whenever and whatever their challenges may be. We support our customers across the process: from providing reasoned and intelligent advices to provisioning aircraft, training, support and maintenance. Our capabilities Customized training programs, Electronic Warfare, Mission Systems, Defense Aircraft, Multimission Surveillance, Missions systems/sensors, Modelling & Simulation Satellite Communications, Ground systems

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  • Special Forces

  • Security officer course

  • Personal security

  • Bodyguard high-risk zones

  • Police swat

  • Police Sniper

  • Tactical Combat

  • Casualty Care Intrusion tactics

  • HUMINT Course

  • Intelligence research course

  • Open Source Intelligence Course

  • Tactical and operational driving

  • Intelligence drone course

  • Operation Center Intelligence course

  • Special Assignment

  • Intelligence Counter-Terrorism Course

  • Krav Maga

  • Shooting Instructor Course

  • Managing a security / intelligence organization

  • Consulting for commanders’ course


  • Ship security officer (SSO)

  • Company security officer (CSO)

  • Port facility security officer (PFSO)

  • Warship Captain Course

  • Maritime Intelligence course

  • Marine commando course

  • Managing the navy


The main target of these training programs is to provide its participants with all the necessary theoretical knowledge and practical skills to perform their duties and ensure a maximal maritime security in accordance with international standard and procedures

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  • Cyber Security Course

  • Data Mining Course

  • CYBERINT Course

  • Cyber Warfare Course

  • SINGINT Officer Course


  • Cybersecurity is an ever-growing topic, is part of our everyday life and with no doubt is now an essential need for your organization, Cybersecurity is all about the practice of defending computers, servers, mobile devices, electronic systems, networks, and data from malicious attacks. Cybersecurity is becoming the guarantee of the continuity of your productive, commercial and operational activities.

  • Prepare governments to data breach, prevent and secure their cyber infrastructure

  • Help identify, manage and mitigate vulnerabilities through our management service

  • On request: we can program and build specific machinery used for information gathering and intelligence.

  • On request: we create adapted courses according to the needs of our client