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Based in Hong Kong, Global Defense LTD operates all around the globe.

We deliver a unique business ecosystem for our customers, where they can build an exclusive network based on trust, value, and ethics, with NO intermediary.

We share products, customized training programs, expertise, strategic intelligence, knowledge, international connection, experience and cutting-edge technologies to the entities choosing Global Defense as a partner.

Our vision: strengthen global security through a community of shared-values and interests, protect people, territories and information, in a world constantly challenged by new threats.

By choosing Global Defense: you choose an exclusive platform, you choose a committed and devoted expert team, you choose high standards of ethics and global responsibility, you choose trust, integrity, reliability, operational excellence and an exclusive access to the global markets.

Global Defense is part of the conglomerate Global Group LLC, a group of several companies. Global Group is a member of the International Chamber of Commerce (ICC) and our experts are consultants at 4 of ICC's leading international policy commissions.


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