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We are a private military company and an integrator of defense and security solutions, registered at the UN, NATO and DDTC. We deliver a unique business platform for our customers: suppliers, buyers, where they can build an exclusive network based on trust, value, and ethics, with NO intermediary.


This designation of Private Military Company designates security companies that intervene all around the globe to protect, people, data, property of private companies or institutions operating there. 

We are recognized for our expertise in managing security in risk areas: environmental control, terrorism, event security, close protection and special missions. Certain protection missions are entrusted to duly qualified armed agents and subject to international regulations in force for all private military companies.

We are independent.

See the big picture and get a complete diagnosis

in order to create the optimal solution according to your needs.

 Get a greater efficiency

with our project management experience and the training of the staff on the field to the different techs and equipments

Advantages of a wild ecosystem

Get an access to a wild network, with only one international interlocutor and partner, for the management and maintenance of your project, before, during and after installation.

We share products, customized training programs, expertise, strategic intelligence, knowledge, international connection, experience and cutting-edge technologies. Our team is specialized on the Arms Trade Treaty (ATT) and help advising different governments on international trade in conventional weapons. Global Defense Ltd is officially registered as a UN partner and at NATO NCAGE.

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Strengthen global security through a community of shared-values and interests, protect people, territories and information, in a world constantly challenged by new threats.

Air, land, sea, space and cyberspace: wherever defense and security are needed, our customers find in Global Defense ethical solutions for their requirements through a complete and integrated offer in strategic sectors.


Whether it's our engineers, our project managers or our leadership teams, we have a diverse workforce offering a wide range of skills.

Our experts are highly qualified and experienced, they come from all around the globe with a strong experience and background in security, defense matters on a national and international scale.

Our teams are dedicated to delivering total support for mission success. We offer the full spectrum of support, from information management to commercial, financial, and human resource services.


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Operating across the globe, in multiple markets to support our customers - wherever, whenever and whatever their challenges may be. We support our customers across the process: from providing reasoned and intelligent advices, through to provision of aircraft, training, support and maintenance.

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We support our customers through the process of choosing and understanding Land. We connect the clients with leader providers in combat vehicles and provide ammunition, precision munitions, artillery systems and missile launchers.

We manage and operate munitions facilities that support and sustain national capabilities, we operate with the most reliable actors in the global markets and offer customized training programs.


We offer our customers the best choice of ranged manufactured and complex surface ships, submarines, torpedoes, radars, and command and combat systems.

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We are a leading supplier of cyber, intelligence, and security capabilities to government agencies, and a growing supplier of cyber and network security capabilities to our customers.